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Larry R.


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Brooklyn NY

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After much research, I came upon the Helm Bike and found all the specs I was looking for. At first, I thought it was too good to be true. So I booked a test ride. A helm bike team member, very friendly, let me test ride the bike. I was immediately sold. It has made my experience in the city broaden and expand more than I ever thought. I have and still do, thoroughly enjoy the helm ebike.
Also, they make the bike easy to customize.


Manhattan, NY

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I honestly don’t remember how I got around before my Helm bike. With its lightweight frame and sleek design I’m constantly getting asked about this bike. I can be anywhere in the city within 20 minutes without breaking a sweat. Can’t recommend a better bike that also won’t break the bank.


Los Angeles

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I love this bike. It's zippy and lighter than my previous ebike. Comes with fenders and the throttle is a great feature to have. That said I am a speed hound and while it's fast enough for my 10 mile round trip commute. I do find myself wishing for more speed sometimes.


Brooklyn, NY

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I don't know how I lived before my Helm Bike! I used to sprint to nab the last e-bike or circle for blocks looking for an empty dock. Now, it's super easy (and stylish) to get around the city. I love that the battery is removable, and the bike itself is light and reliable. My favorite feature, though, is all the heads turning in admiration whenever I zoom past.


Brooklyn, nyc

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Love the bike! I like the low profile design, removable battery, and throttle



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I’ve been wanting to have an electric bike for a while but most of the options out there are way too heavy. My Helm bike is as light as a regular bike without compromising stability. I love the throttle support; it allows me to have full control on the speed when I start pedalling. Battery charges super fast and it is made for fairly long commutes despite the compact size. I love it!


New York, NY

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This bike is great!! I was intimidated to try an electric bike at first, but this bike makes me feel safe and in control. My favorite part about this bike is the thumb throttle. I can't begin to explain what a difference it makes to have this when getting the peddling going from standing, and to move quickly right after when the traffic light changes from red to green. It makes all the world of difference. The different assist levels are great - I was again intimidated at first and would only go to level 1 or 2, but now I go all the way to level 5! It's also just such a great bike to ride without any assist at all just as a sleek, stylish, clean, modern road bike. It's easy to carry up the stairs and locks up easily. It's been super easy and straight forward to maintain the battery with charging and everything. The kickstand makes it easy to get on and off the bike, and the brakes are great and work well. Overall I feel safe, sturdy, and confident riding this bike in the city. The Helm team are also just so friendly, communicative, and kind, and the experience overall has been great!!


Jersey City, NJ

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At first I wasn’t sure if this bike would be a good fit for me. I’m usually very picky, but when it comes to this bike I’ve experienced more fun than negative experiences. It charges rapidly and the battery has a long life depending on how hard you ride the bike. It’s perfect for me because I can completely work my body to its peak, and use the battery to get home.

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