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Let’s ride better and do better, together.


Our mission at Helm rests on three pillars:
sustainability, wellness and community.

It is of paramount importance to this mission to build and give back to our community. We invite you to join us to help build a sustainable and healthy world.



Electric bikes are zero-emission vehicles and run on clean energy which makes them sustainable products. Real sustainability however, is meeting the demands of the present without undermining the potential of future generations.

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Pathway to Paris is a non-profit 
organization dedicated to raising consciousness on the urgency of climate action and offering concrete actions to implement the Paris Agreement’s aims. Led by founders Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, Pathway to Paris is on the frontlines fighting to preserve the world for future generations. Both talented musicians; Rebecca and Jesse use their music to inspire change in our attitudes around sustainability and to halt the effects of climate change with Pathway to Paris being the lead instrument. Helm is honored to be partners with such wonderful people and an equally essential organization.

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Biking for us at Helm has always been a way to stay fit and recalibrate our minds after a hectic day navigating our daily lives. Our desire to share this mindset with others is a fundamental reason Helm exists today.

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Maillard Howell is a co-founder of Dean Crossfit and the head of fitness at Reebok. Since 2014, Maillard has been training and inspiring everyone from grandmothers to competitive weightlifters at his Brooklyn gym Dean Crossfit. His work and focus on physical and mental health is an inspiration to us all and we are proud to call him family.


 We are bringing together like minded individuals who make a positive difference in their communities. Creating and cultivating these connections pushes us to do our very best and reminds us that even the smallest endeavor can have an outsized impact beyond our expectations.

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Adam Gyorgy is an internationally renowned classical pianist. His organization, the Adam Gyorgy Foundation, seeks out young people around the world with musical talent. The idea is to nurture these youths through summer programs and sponsored debuts at their annual concerts at New York’s Carnegie Hall. By using music as the lingua franca, Adam creates a community for gifted young musicians and uses his influence to enable tomorrow’s musicians to connect beyond borders, cultural differences and class systems. We are humbled, inspired and happy to call him a friend.

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