Can I ride in the rain?

Helm City is designed to withstand rain and splashes. We do recommend that the bike be stored indoors during severe weather events and heavy downpours.

How far can the battery take me?

This depends on several conditions like, rider weight, hills and wind. Most people travel an average of 8 miles within their city daily. We have a battery that can get you up to 35 miles under perfect conditions.

Can I ride without electric power?

Helm City is light enough at 38lbs, that you can easily ride it without electric assist.

What is the maximum recommended weight?

The recommended maximum weight is 242lbs or 110kg.

What is a thumb throttle?

A thumb throttle is a spring loaded thumb-sized paddle on your handlebar that engages the motor. Get up to speed without pedalling.

Do your bikes come with fenders?

All Helm bikes are adorned with beautifully crafted, high-quality steel fenders.

What should I expect in the box when I get my delivery?

In the box you will get your brand new Helm bike, battery, charger and all the necessary assembly tools. The bike arrives 80% assembled so you need to attach the handlebar, front wheel, seat and pedals. You may take it to your local bike shop as well.

Is there a mount for a water bottle?

Yes. It is located on the seat tube.

Does the bike have gears?

Yes. Helm City has a 7 speed shifter that will help you get up hills and bridges with ease.

How long does it take to charge the battery and how many charge cycles does it have?

It takes approximately 3.5-4 hours to charge the battery. You generally have between 500 and 600 charging cycles.